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What are the best practices for usability of Magento ecommerce website?

Usability Best Practices For Magento Ecommerce Websites

Traffic to your website only make sense if it can turn into high conversion rate. A website will contain a variety of pages such as home page, product detail page, shopping cart page, etc. each of them will require some special features but there are some principles of making the pages usable. We will clarify them in this article, hope you find it helpful:

  1. Using email address for user name

This is the entry point to your store so let’s make it convenient as much as possible. From the point of view of a user, I also agree that a person will more than one email and that they have to remember user name, email registered and password seems to be quite complicated. Therefore, setting user name as one of the email address is always smart and great idea, avoid the case when you users forget their user name.

  1. Breadcrumbs navigation

Breadcrumb navigation is a tool used in Web searches that allows users to retrace their steps, or go back to a point in time that relates to their original search. Breadcrumb navigation links the user back to the prior website page in the overall online route. In other words, the breadcrumb trail will allow the user to backtrack through the previous pages.

  1. Site search

Bringing customers entire catalog to find one product sounds quite good but in some case it will be so tedious because a lot of customers will look for very specific products cause they understand exactly what they need. Other than categorizing products accurately, let’s optimize your site search extension to help customer find what they want in the shortest time. Don’t forget autocomplete and suggest feature, it will work so amazing!

  1. Frequently bought together products

Don’t just give product that customers want, an excellent business owner is the one who bring customers more than they expect. Let’s give them other related products or frequently bought together products. I bet that customers will highly appreciate your effort of bringing them the best experience. This will also urge shoppers to shop for more or more importantly select the right products.

Currently, Cmsmart also provide two extensions for Magento website: Magento frequently bought together and version for Magento 2.

  1. Call to Action

Let’s leave more space for call to action on your site. the common choices are BUY NOW or ADD TO CART

  1. Checkout process

Never let your customers in the case of clueless. When they add products to cart and then come to checkout process, just include needed steps, don’t let customers go through too much steps or wait for a long time to load.

Some checkout extensions for you to refer

Magento one step checkout extension

Magento 2 one step checkout extension

One page checkout for Virtuemart

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