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Effective Tactics To Find More New Customers Online

If retailers have more customers, it means that they also have more sales. With online businesses, finding new customers is a goal and also a challenge. In the giant world of internet, there are many ways for people to connect with each other and online businesses need to take advantage of internet in order to find and reach more customers. To be able to do this effectively, they can find their potential customers through the social media, email marketing and blogging… So, in this today article, I will give you some effective tactics that you can use for your business, to help you can find the new customers online.


social media

Send private messages

There’s still incredible value in one on one exchange. Reach out to Facebook fans via private message, and offer personalized consultations or custom promotions.

Group discussions

Join private Facebook groups that house qualified leads. Build relationships with the members, and eventually recommend your product.

Pay-Per-Click Ads

If you currently have an active social presence, try pay per click advertising. Facebook PPC offers effective and targeted solutions. You can target based on age, gender, location, and other special interests.



Valuable content in exchange for Opt in

Don’t beg for email addresses. Offer valuable promotions in exchange for an opt in. Tons of online thought leaders choose to giveaway a detailed guide, course, video series, or whitepaper.

Website widget

Plant a website widget on site pages to encourage mailing list opt ins.

Request email during checkout

If you own a brick and mortar, encourage cashiers to request customer emails. If you have an online store, then request email opt in during the checkout process.



Optimize content for Search

Focus on a group of 2-3 related keywords for every blog post. If posts are optimized, you will draw in qualified traffic, which in turn helps you cultivate a targeted customer base.

Guest post on industry blogs

As a link building strategy, guest posting might not be the most effective. However, it still assists in strengthening your online reputation and labeling your business as a go to source.

Run weekly guest features

As much as you want to prioritize an off site guest presence, you should also allow contributions from industry thought leaders. Guest writers will share the content with their fans, which will increase qualified traffic to your site.

When finding new customers, make sure all campaigns provide the following:

  • Qualified value: Fire out useful campaigns. For example, if you own an online dress shop, don’t shoot out an email discussing footwear. Keep it qualified. Provide immediate value with all marketing messages.
  • Personalization: When applicable, personalize all marketing campaigns. Your content should focus on a targeted, niche group of readers. This will encourage long term readership, and help you build a qualified list of potential customers.
  • Clear direction: Include a clear and simple call to action. Don’t force customers to complete a ten step process to engage. Have a specific purpose for each campaign, and set matching goals.
  • Incentive: Give customers a reason to take action. Create a sense of urgency wwith a limited window of redemption. Don’t ever fire out open ended promotions, or give little to no redemption incentive. Steer clear of generic promotions like “10% off entire store”.

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