Tuesday , January 16 2018

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Magento SEO tips: On-page Product Optimization guide

Magento SEO tips Onpage Product Optimization guide

There is a fact that web owners usually overlook to optimize SEO for Magento product pages. I found that a lot of merchants with a large catalog and use generic product descriptions and images provided by the manufacturer forget this aspect. Some of them are aware of this problem but …

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Quick Overview: PHP 7 and Magento

PHP 7 and Magento 2 a quick overview

How time flies! It was eleven years of waiting from the release of PHP 5.0, finally new version of PHP also come our way with a lot of new language features as well as an impressive performance boost.This version concentrates mainly on removing functionality that is deprecated in former versions and …

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Why and when you should upgrade your website to Magento 2.x version?

Why and when you should upgrade your website to Magento 2.x version

It has been one more year since the first time Magento 2 version got launched ( in November 2015). In November 2018, Magento will most likely quit supporting the 1.x Enterprise Editions. Therefore, migrating to Magento 2.x is the future and sooner or later you have to do. In this …

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