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Where you can find the informations about Magento and Ecommerce. Hope that will it helpful with you.

Evaluate Magento and Woocommerce


In recent years, in market, there are two most popular e-commerce platforms: Magento and Woocommerce.  Each of them has its own strengths and suitability for different demands. Magento is a standalone product but now owned by Ebay and Woocommerce is a plugin for WordPress and each of them has a …

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The Ecommerce Problems Caused Poor Conversions


How to reduce cart abandonment and increase conversions? This is a common question of every online retailer that has repeated again and again. We all know that there are many impacts which can affect your business, both good and bad. If you want to get the best results, you need …

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5 big predicted trends for Ecommerce product videos in 2016


It is in 2016 and if we said that Ecommerce product videos is a must have item for a lot of online business, it is not exaggerated. When most of visitors complain that they are fed up with the images with full of boring text, smart marketers start to recognize …

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The Interesting Numbers of Ecommerce Consumer Psychology


When visiting a website, there are so many factors that can affect the psychology of the user. If visitors feel dissatisfied or having something makes them feel uncomfortable, they are more likely to click on “exit” button. With ecommerce website, it means that customers leave and don’t buy anything, also …

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Why ecommerce website should offer Guest Checkout?


Firstly, we are going to find out what are the benefits of guest checkout for customers and for online retailers. Do you think that ecommerce stores should have guest checkout? In my opinion, as a customer, I love that. Imagine that you’re in a rush, you want to buy a …

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Effective Tactics To Find More New Customers Online

social media

If retailers have more customers, it means that they also have more sales. With online businesses, finding new customers is a goal and also a challenge. In the giant world of internet, there are many ways for people to connect with each other and online businesses need to take advantage …

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