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Where you can find the informations about Magento and Ecommerce. Hope that will it helpful with you.

Why video deserves to have a place in your marketing budget in 2016?


Video marketing has changed the way businesses do marketing. The animated and online videos are increasingly being used more and this is a novel way to delight and educate customers. Using online video can help you attract the attention of people and increased interaction with users, makes people talking about …

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The strength and the weakness of Magento


Magento is a web platform that was developed especially for ecommerce website. In fact, Magento has accounted for 12.5% market share of ecommerce platform and in the list of the most popular ecommerce platforms in the world, Magento now standing in the second place. No doubt to say that Magento …

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6 Proven Advantages of Video Content for Magento Websites


Today, video is being widely used on websites and it is proven to be a very effective addition. Videos also bring significant efficiency to the online business. However, majority of businesses do not have video content on their company website, it means that they are ignoring the enormous advantage that …

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Quick Steps to Start Making Money With an Online Business


Anyone working any careers always works hard to make money and satisfy the desire for higher living standard. Besides the majority who try to achieve the goal follow traditional methods such as finding a stable job and do it well, others, minority that a little bit slier and more sensitive, …

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Increase Conversion by Improving Payment Process


The dream of retailers is customer visit your store and find exactly what they want, complete the checkout process and become forever loyal to your brand, and they would return your store to buy product again and again. But, it’s just a dream; in real life there are many challenges …

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The State of eCommerce: Yotpo Benchmark Report


This is a report which collected from 65 million orders and over $2 billion in transactions of 120,000 eCommerce stores. This report will bring to you many informations of ecommerce world and you will know where your business stands. Hope that through this report, you will get the useful informations …

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25+ Tricks to Increase Conversion Rates of Ecommerce


  There are many factors that affect conversion rates, to get the highest efficiency; we need to improve all these factors simultaneously. So, here is the list of 25+ useful tricks to improve conversion rates of ecommerce business. Improve landing page quality #1 Add customer reviews (text and video): it …

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Remove Clutters to Improve Conversion Rates


In digital age, besides the traditional methods, both merchants and retailors can take advantages of online power to promote their trading volume. Their most effective technique is website. In general, websites can be considered as the channel that conveys the message of suppliers to potential customers. However, it is not …

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Website Speed and The Impact


In this day and age, blazing fast website speed is an absolute necessity. With it, your site is primed for increased search engine rankings, optimized conversion rates and significant improvements in total sales. Without it: your business could be missing out on tens of thousands, to hundreds of thousands, to …

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