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Where you can find the informations about Magento and Ecommerce. Hope that will it helpful with you.

Video Marketing and Impact on Ecommerce


Today, this is the time that video marketing should get a proper look. Still have a lot of people think that investing in video marketing is wasted and video marketing is just a gimmick. However, we need to change perceptions about video marketing right today. Here are 5 reasons to …

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[Infographic] The Value of Customer Loyalty Programs


For both brick-mortar store and online store, the loyalty programs are important for customer retention. A good loyalty program can help to improve sales and also help store owners can build a good relationship with customers. For better understand the real value that the customer loyalty program brings to our business. …

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Some Use Hints to Build a Good Online Store


E-commerce is a global trend, and in the future it will dominate the business. The advent of e-commerce has removed concerns about the location, time and boundaries of geographical. The businesses just need to create an ecommerce website and then, they can start selling immediately. However, like any other business, …

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Ecommerce Loyalty Programs In My Eyes


Customer retention is an important task of retailers. In fact, 85% of all ecommerce brands using discounts and other promotional schemes to add value to their customers. But, there is a number which we should pay attention, there are 97% of rewards programs are transaction-based. It means that almost promotional …

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The Ecommerce Mistakes That You Shoud Avoid


According to Statista, the U.S retail ecommerce sales will genenate over $490 billion in 2018 – an amazing number. It also shows us an extremely bright future of ecommerce business. But, if you want your business followed the rapid growth of e-commerce, you must stay up-to-date with the trends and …

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Refreshing an Outdated Website: 4 Useful Ideas for You


Website was created to serve the people, when the habits and the need of people changed; website also needs to change to adapt them. The look and feel of websites has changed a lot within 10 years, and the goal of these changes is giving customers better experience. People today …

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Ecommerce Merchants and 3 Common Mobile Commerce Mistakes


Mobile commerce is huge – believe or not, the mobile traffic accounted for more than 50% of all ecommerce traffics in the world. M-commerce is getting bigger and bigger, it even grows faster than ecommerce did. Because of its importance that businesses should not make mistakes, the mistakes could lead …

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