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Magento Extension Price Matrix

Magento price matrix extension supports a wide range of product’s attributes at different prices, saving user’s choices with orders, serving the print supplier on providing customers at the best options.

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Magento Price Matrix Extension is able to work as an automatically flexible calculator which helps users show up the final price results together from grouped attributes of product with limited quantity in backend to meet customer’s best choice.

In admin panel site, this perfect extension is unlimited Magento custom options for attributes to make price matrix table with its full functionality. It is also simple for you to create attributes of each product by their own options. All of attributes are grouped on vertical or horizontal direction after choosing select all options, they can preview price matrix table before to publish it on frontend.

This magento extension allows users to remove or create new options if needed. While creating new attributes users can add more rows if lacking in price matrix table. Especially, price matrix table can be changed color for its the background and text in configuration system, or change delimiter by users if wanted. The extension can be used with all types of products like simple product, configurable product, virtual product, etc.

In frontend, customers are able to see grouped different prices in attributes of each product on price matrix table .It is easy for them to choose any suitable option included with attribute preview information, then they just enter quantity before adding to cart for checking out.

Now you will know more strong points of Magento Price Matrix Extension when click its Live Demo

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