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Magento one step checkout extension by Netbase team

Magento One step checkout

Accompanied by the development of online shopping, customers always have a thousand choices when they want to buy anything on the internet. Checkout is often the most complicated part of placing an order online; no one wants to waste time with a trouble and complex way when checkout online. The fact is any famous brands in the world are providing us the checkout page with many support; we just need to do some simple manipulations to checkout. It makes customers satisfied and increases your sales more and more.
So that is exactly why we provide the Magento one step checkout. It greatly simplifies this process, by dramatically improving the user experience. It not only will increase your immediate sales but also longer term return visits.
Let’s find out the amazing things that Magento one step checkout can bring for your online store. Here is the list of most outstanding features:

  • Firstly it is compatible with all online stores that use Magento platform.
  • Easy to use. It reduces from 6 steps to only 1 step in 1 page. So you do not have to wait for a long time to finish your checkout process. Furthermore, customers can checkout without login or register on your site. It makes shopping online more convenient.
  • Responsive. It is compatible with any device from PC, laptop to smartphone or tablet.
  • Upload speed is faster. We focus on uploading speed because customers cannot wait a long time in each step.
  • Support multiple payment& shipping methods. It not only supports many popular payment methods such as Paypal, Paypal pro, Sagepay, Credit card, Moneybookers but also allows many shipping methods such as Table Rates, Free Shipping, UPS, Flat rate, USPS, FedEx, DHL, etc. Moreover, Delivery can be made to different address from customers or billing can choose shipping address the same as billing
  • Auto-complete address. Billing and shipping address will automatically fill your information, you just need to enter your phone number and email address in checkout page.
  • Survey question. It is an amazing function to help you know what your customers interested in and this data can use for your marketing campaign. You also can configure it easily in the admin panel.
  • Delivery date. You can set up time that customers can choose to receive their product in admin panel.
  • Customize. We gave you 3 styles of Checkout form with our passion, you can set up in admin panel with easy way. Besides you can arrange the position of layouts in your site as shipping address or billing address. Moreover, you can select many files in required fields.
  • Review order.Everybody loves a little extra! So why don’t satisfy your customers with more add-on options? It not only allows customers review their order with images but also allows them to add or remove the quantity of product.
  • Subscribe to newsletter during checkout process. When customers are checking out, they will see an email registration for your new product or other promotions at the bottom of the page.
  • Automatic updates.It facilitates your customer by choosing the shipping method and rates when they are done with selecting city, country, region and zip code. Furthermore, if any change is made to prior steps, it will automatically update later steps
    • Auto update payment method when choosing shipping method
    • Auto update order totals when choosing shipping/payment method
    • Auto update shipping method when billing/shipping address is changed

This just is some main features of Magento one step checkout. Besides it has many others features such as Gift options support, new accounts creation, quick login, configure comments and coupon code, GEO IP technology, etc.


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