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Magento Extensions

Where you can find and download the best Magento Extensions in marketplace. Hope that will it helpful with you.

Magento Online Product Designer Extension for Online Printing


Have you ever design a product online through a website and buy it? The development of technology helps us so much to improve the shopping experience. Before, we can only choose and buy the product that was designed by providers. But today, there are many websites have feature allows customers …

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Magento Multi Vendor


Magento multi vendor extension can be considered as one of the hottest magento extensions in an ecommerce market. A vendor signs up an account, they can sell their products manage their ơwn orders, ratings and more. An user registers a vendor account (which is different from a member account), then …

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Magento Extension Price Matrix

magento-price-matrix (1)

Magento price matrix extension supports a wide range of product’s attributes at different prices, saving user’s choices with orders, serving the print supplier on providing customers at the best options. Magento Price Matrix Extension is able to work as an automatically flexible calculator which helps users show up the final …

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Magento Extension Mega Menu

magento-mega-menu-extension (1)

Magento Mega Menu Extension allows both user and administrator to manage and display all kinds of information flexibly optimizing your website navigation performance. If you are seeking a way to improve usability and navigation on your online stores, Magento Mega Menu with new version is exactly what you are looking …

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Magento Extension Order Upload


Many Magento website owners want to let their shoppers upload files or bind images directly into the product detail page, or upload different images into different products before “add to cart”. Magento Order Upload extension is often used on printing company websites which allows clients to upload images or their …

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Magento Extension Shipping Cost Calculator


Magento Shipping Cost Calculator is a module that enables clients to pre-calculate and pre-know the shipping cost for a specific order or a group of different items at one click. No more manual calculating the shipping fee is needed. The extension uses the Ajax technology to calculate the shipping rate …

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Magento Extension Color Swatch With Zoom


Are you selling products with different colors or designs on your Magento Store? Magento Color Swatch Extension with Zoom will help your customers understand how products can be looked at variations. You just simply assign any image from a gallery with each attribute and activate image switcher on the product …

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One Step Checkout Magento Extension

banner-one page check out ex

Who in this world would want to see his customer leaving in the middle of buying process? Today’s normal checking out process has been made such a hassle which leaves the customers baffled and makes only those people reach the end who are in need of that product desperately. Surely every …

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Magento Ajax Search Autocomplete and Suggest


Magento Ajax Search Autocomplete and Suggest is the most flexible way to add an attractive Ajax powered quick search. An easy keyword search is the key component on an user-friendly online shop, Cmsmart Magento Ajax search extension will enhance your magento website with a powerful autocomplete and keyword functionality. Even …

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Magento Extension Out Of Stock Notification


MB – Out Of Stock Notification Magento Extension allows both customers and guest to subscribe to out of securities products. MB-Out Of Stock Notification Magento Extension adds a notify button into both product detail and category page for out of stock products. By clicking on this button, registered members & …

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