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Top 6 ecommerce platforms with examples (part 1)


In our today society, CMS is not just a part of ecommerce development, it has been considered as the future of overall web development. Now, on the market, there are a lot of ecommerce platforms available but  in this article, we focus on the six most popular ones as well as provide you some suggestion for each of them for you to refer. Let’s start!

  1. Magento

There are two versions for you to choose: Magento Community Edition and Magento Enterprise Edition, it depends on the structure and requirements for your Ecommerce site. For more detail, Magento Community Edition, a free open source ecommerce software, will enable users or developers to create their own sites easily. Because it is free so the first advantage is saving cost for shop owner, we mean software license cost. It is based on PHP and MySQL, compatible with Linux. This community seems to continue to develop more quickly in recent years. The reason why Magento community is like a giant is that it provides developers unique option to manage multiple stores with multi languages and currencies available. That is about Magento Community Edition, if you desire more features for your site, let’s go for paid Magento Enterprise Edition because of the following benefits it brings to your business:

12 advantages

  • For a site with a large number of products, it allows users to deal large catalogues perfectly.
  • Allowing quick loading and making site scalable
  • Flexible Marketing Promotions and Tools.
  • Search Engine Optimization with meta-information.
  • Allowing to apply categories of products as cross sell, up sell and related products automatically.
  • Giving rise to customer-assisted shopping.
  • Online Analytics and Reporting.
  • offering constant support to its customers.
  • Faster, more streamlined checkout flow
  • Automated calculation of costs.
  • Secured payment environment
  • Fully customizable order management system.

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  1. OpenCart

It is also another open source for ecommerce site development. It’s PHP based and opens the gates that allow users to manage multiple shops from one admin interface easily. Through the default downloads in OpenCart, your customers will be served with about over 20 payment gateways and variety of shipping methods on your site. If you feel that is just not enough, you desire more additional payment gateways and shipping integrations, you can useOpenCart’s extension directory, we are sure that you will be satisfied. Besides, OpenCart gives rise to DIY, since it’s simple to set up, which means that no reliance on a developer to create and manage your online shop.

10 Advantages

  • Flexible, simple and multi-functional.
  • Easy to install as well as maintain
  • Light-weight ecommerce solution which use Ajax technology to optimize loading time
  • Easy issue debugging.
  • Coming with more than 2,700 themes and 7000 extensions
  • Simple to navigate
  • One page checkout and handy search.
  • Allowingsetting up separated groups for retail customers and wholesalers.
  • Supporting different currencies and varied tax rules.
  • Performance tracking of your shop.

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  1. PrestaShop

One other best free open source ecommerce platforms that is available for downloading and installing is PrestaShop. It is not exaggerated that the appearance of Prestashop has improved your conversion rate as well as rank on search engine. Moreover, it also supports variety of payment gateways such as PayPal, PayPal Payments Pro DirecPay, Skrill, Authorize, etc. With more than 310 exquisite features, PrestaShop strengthens your site and boost your sale effectively.

8 advantages:

  • Responsive templates
  • High class stock management
  • Inventory management
  • Choosing number of products per page freely
  • Boosting SEO
  • More than 2000 cross platform templates
  • Over 25000 plugins
  • Easy site management
  • Multi-lingual

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