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25+ Tricks to Increase Conversion Rates of Ecommerce


There are many factors that affect conversion rates, to get the highest efficiency; we need to improve all these factors simultaneously. So, here is the list of 25+ useful tricks to improve conversion rates of ecommerce business.

Improve landing page quality

#1 Add customer reviews (text and video): it helped a Watch ecommerce site to increase sale by 58.29%

#2 Product videos: it is seen that product video viewers are 174% more likely to convert than non-viewers

#3 Product detailed description: includes questions about product quality, service quality, product description, web security, pricing and so on. Reducing Visitor Anxieties increase conversion rate by 108%

#4 Social sharing buttons:

  • Reserve social sharing buttons for the confirmation page following the sale. That is an ideal time to encourage viral sharing.
  • Consider using smaller buttons, as these may prove less distracting and still serve the needs of those who wish to share.
  • Refrain from using buttons with counters unless you are sure that you can get a reasonable number of shares.

#5 Clear or prominent call to action: it can make call to action more prominent increases conversions 591%.

#6 Authenticity: proving authenticity increases sales 107%

#7 Button color: changing button color increases conversions 21%

#8 Protected purchase:

  • Protecting purchases with Bonds improves conversions 10.4%
  • Adding a guarantee improves ecommerce sales 41%
  • Security seal increases conversions 7.6%

#9 Add high quality images: Golfsmith.com claims that products with the special spin feature have conversion rates at least 10% and sometimes as much as 30% to 40% higher than products wihout it.

#10 Stuctured data: no direct relation to conversion, but it increase CTR which is a good ranking factor thus increase relevant traffic.

#11 Page speed: if an ecommerce site is making 1 Million per day, a second of delay could potentially cost you $2.5 million every year. Read more the impact of website speed.

Engage your customers by showing: exciting discount offers, loyalty program, coupon codes, demos, free trials…

#12 Start upselling or cross-selling: recommend a high price product or an additional product to help customer choose the best product package amongst all other options.

#13 Start down-selling: when you realize the customer is leaving the site or none of the product compels him to purchase, show a one-time-offer or a related product of low cost.

#14 Recommend popular related products: show popular related products and clearly mark your top sellers or products.

#15 Add credibility: use specific statistics and numbers to increase credibility

#16 Feature high-revenue products above fold: best-selling, most profitable products should be place in front and above the fold area of your site.

#17 Add reassurance copy: add little bits of copy around your CTAs that make the user feel comfortable about their decision. The action oriented headline and copy earned a 38.3% conversion rate.

#18 Replace block of text with bullet points: no one likes to read huge blocks of text. Instead, break things up with bullet points is easy and clean.

#19 Auto-complete suggestions in product search:

#20 Use Scarity: a study was conducted in 1975 where researchers wanted to know how people would value cookies in two indentical glass jars. One jar had 10 cookies while the other contained just two. Though the cookies and jars were identical, participants valued the ones in the near-empty jar more highly. And that’s the scarity principle at play.

#21 Responsive website: it is seen that more than 50% users try to access a website through mobile or tablets every month.

#22 Increase subcribers: email marketing has 175% more revenue and 83% higher conversion rate and with more subscribers conversion steadily increases.

#23 Referral program: rewarding your customer for mouth of publicuity. Used by Big brands like Fab, Wayfair, Netflix, AT&T, Evernote, Dropbox, Uber…

#24 Reminder to wishlist: send a reminder newsletter or show at checkout page about the products added in the wishlist.

#24 A/ B testing: the best way to check which design or variation of the page has more engagement and conversion rate.

#26 Exit overlays: use the science of behavioral targeting, personalization and content discovery to give your visitors the right offer at the right time, substantially increasing the odds that they’ll convert.

#27 Real time support system:

  • A customer always seeks an advice and have lots of queries before purchasing any product. Providing a personal assistance gives a unique shopping experience and helps in gaining trust.
  • Intuit increases conversion rates 211% by implementing Proactive Chat.

Source @shanebarker.com

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