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Ecommerce Merchants and 3 Common Mobile Commerce Mistakes


Mobile commerce is huge – believe or not, the mobile traffic accounted for more than 50% of all ecommerce traffics in the world. M-commerce is getting bigger and bigger, it even grows faster than ecommerce did. Because of its importance that businesses should not make mistakes, the mistakes could lead to Mcommerce failure.

All the mistakes can be fixed. Maybe you are having some mistakes with mobile commerce, but don’t worry because you have time to fix it; important that you need to know what those problems are. So, here’s a few hints to get you on the right track. Hope that it will be useful to you.

#1 You Have Plenty of Time

Mobile commerce has grown tremendously in recent years, if you are still standing outside the game of m-commerce, now it’s the time to act. You have plenty of time to fix the problems, that’s true. Maybe you don’t understand how mobile commerce fits into the overall picture; you are not the only one. In fact, there is 49% of companies said they’re right there with you.

If you say you don’t understand mobile Mcommerce, it doesn’t mean you don’t need that. Maybe you see that your customers still buying the traditional way on your website, but it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to have a mobile friendly website. Right now, you may be losing customers to your competitors’ hands, who understand m-commerce. So, you must to act right now.

#2 Only Young People Shop on Mobile Devices

There are many people think that the clients of mobile ecommerce only are young people, but it seems that it’s not true. We have to look at the fact, a quarter of mobile shoppers are over the age of 55. It means that if you ignore this audience, you can lose 25% of potential customers. The fact that mobile ecommerce is for everybody.

Skip the matter of age, maybe the younger shoppers will be more likely to make a purchase via their mobile phone – but others, why not? Optimizing website for millennials, that is very good, but keep in mind that they’re not only ones. You will need a mobile friendly website to be able to cater for everyone and for all ages.

#3 Mobile Commerce and Ecommerce Are the Same Thing

Mobile commerce today should be invested same as e-commerce. If you do not really considered M-commerce is an important and necessary business channel, most likely you will not fully optimized for mobile. M-commerce needs some user experience which quite different than on normal ecommerce website. On the mobile sites, we need to optimize for the navigation, checkout & payment options, the presentation of products and information and etc… However, we still need to provide a seamless user experience for both “mobile users” and “desktop users” when they work together.

Mobile commerce is an essential part of your business today; no matter you are online stores or physical store, or both. This is a potential market that you will not want to ignore because it will grow strongly in the next few years.

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