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5 advantages you can achieve in Magento mobile site in mobility era

When we talk about M-commerce, I believe that most people will think about shopping with mobile devices because nearly everyone carries at least one mobile phone in their pockets. When people can make purchases on a variety of devices, it also means that e-commerce web owners can expand their reach, increase sale opportunities. So why E-commerce becomes so popular?

The desktop can help people buy anything online instead of displacing themselves to buy items at the store, mobile devices can do more than that thanks to its mobility. We can shop anytime and anywhere, just a phone or tablet, we already could make the purchase. We can bring phones to anywhere but of course, we can’t do that with the desktop.

5 advantages you can achieve in Magento mobile site in mobility era

One more interesting benefit for business owners is you can reach customers via social networks and then attract to your site. For example, visitors find your company on Facebook, just one click, they can come to your website and take a look.

5 significant advantages of Magento mobile optimization

1. Magento 2 Mobile Experience

No matter what you do, the most important mission is still optimizing customers experience as much as possible. Whenever they come to your site, you should make them feel that they find the right provider and they want to stay longer to check more about your products and services. And, when they finish purchasing, they will feel to come back your website over and over.

2. Omnichannel Experience

Magento allows you to optimize an omnichannel experience to ensure your customers are satisfied. You can use Magento to keep track of the inventory of your physical store and in your warehouse with the same dashboard. The more interesting thing is you can connect multiple social media sites to your store such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube. That’s a good chance to expand your reach and have your followers buy the products they want with more ease. So it will be more convenient for your customers because instead of searching on Google, they just need to click on a link and be brought right to you.

3. POS Mobile Version

In short, point sale system (POS) can be explained as the moment when a customer buys a product from your company. It will manage all transactions of your company very detailed and ensures that all of your sales go smoothly. The major benefit of having a POS system is that all of your inventory is located in the same place.

4. Admin panel

You will be surprised if you see how Magento 2 admin panel is different from Magento 1 version. Many Magento 1 users found that it is quite difficult to create a website without developers because customizing sites required more coding on their end than Magento 2. Therefore, with Magento 2 version, everything becomes much easier.

5. Mobile Marketing Features

  • You can create separate customer segmentation depending on the age, gender, history, and location so it will be much easier to provide suitable offers and focus on what each customer segmentation is interested in.
  • Set your promotions with certain limitations or conditions. For example, you set timeframes to provide offers, it will really effective in encouraging customers to make the purchase.
  • Merchants have the opportunity to customize their site on their own with Magento 2 because they have a drag-and-drop option that allows them to place items where they want.

Thanks for watching my post. If you have any question, feel free to feedback here. I and colleagues are willing to support you. Goodluck!

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