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5 big predicted trends for Ecommerce product videos in 2016


It is in 2016 and does not exaggerate if we said that eCommerce product videos are a must-have item for a lot of online business. When most of the visitors complain that they are fed up with the images full of boring text, smart marketers start to recognize the impression and excitement that videos can benefit their online business. According to the recent study, 73% of the top 100 online retailers in the world own videos on their product pages as a powerful weapon to make them being unique among the crowd. The list mentioned below is all about the five big video trend in 2016:

1. Product video curation and video creation will become the friend

The advantage of product video curation is sharing engaging product videos by using readily available content from social media. Curation will filter videos from social media in terms of relevance, quality, and type, the final target is finding the content giving the most eloquent and complete information about one product. So, both big brands and retailers should make use of curation to complement their video assets as well as offer clients more versatile and engaging content. If you do not have any video materials but you still desire to use videos? That’s ok, curated videos are available for you. In 2016, video curation will play a prettily important role in supporting shoppers to have aggregated product photos and reviews from social channels.

2. More UGC videos


A study of Comscore reveals that the percentage change of brand engagement is up to 28%. That is when both brand and user-generated video content are reached by customers. An important factor that contributes to this success is UGC, especially with the Millennial generation, 85% of this generation agree that UGC on websites influences strongly their purchases. In 2016, we will observe more than that, aggregating UGC from Instagram and other photo-sharing platforms will become a big trend.

3. With video galleries, the product page will reach a higher level.

There is a fact that online shopping is so convenient but easy to get bored and attracted. Let’s stimulate your clients’ curiosity by adding multiple product videos on your product pages. More videos mean customers can understand more about your product, you can persuade them buying your products through those videos. With video galleries, you are holding a promising future on your hands.

4. Not hiding product videos below the fold

From the first appearance, there have been quite a lot of experiments that were conducted with the common topic of how product videos are featured on eCommerce sites. All the methods and places have been tried. Those are conspicuous placement with large loop videos or at product details page with several product videos. They bury deep videos in those pages to create convenience for clients when exploring each product.

In 2016, we expected that the tastes of customers will change once again. Specifically, they prefer to see videos placed prominently above the fold on the product pages. When not only big companies but also retailers put more faith in the power and the influence of videos on engaging and converting shoppers, videos will take a really prominent estate on the product pages.

5. Videos will reach mobile users

At this time, to exist in this fiercely competitive environment, every retailer knows that they need to take place in mobile segmentation. Mobile commerce is the next important step in the evolution of digital commerce. Therefore, it is so crucial to optimizing all elements on the product pages, product videos are not exceptional.


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