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6 Proven Advantages of Video Content for Magento Websites


Today, video is being widely used on websites and it is proven to be a very effective addition. Videos also bring significant efficiency to the online business. However, majority of businesses do not have video content on their company website, it means that they are ignoring the enormous advantage that video brings.

So, if you are looking for a reason to start using video contents for your site, this article will give you the answers and it will show you that the videos are the excellent addition for your website and your business also.

  • Increased Conversion Rates

There is an impressive number about the effectiveness of video content, that is video brings the conversion rates 70% higher than any other medium. The stat was found by the content marketers in recent market research. It shows that the impact of video content today is extremely huge.

  • The Clarity

One of the biggest advantages of video is the visually. When you are shopping online, the explainer videos can show you exactly what your product is, moreover, the videos can bring the informations in the most intuitive way. The different points among products are actually more easily conveyed in visual format than plain text, in most cases.

The video also can save the time for your customers, it more useful for those impatient. Instead of take the time to read between the long texts, they can see the videos and then gain the better understanding through what they hear and see.

  • Greater Reach

The social media is an important marketing channel for all businesses in the world today. The social media platforms are where businesses use to spread their product. Using videos and images to sharing on social media is the way that online marketers love. And people love the videos too; the research in 2015 shows that 50% of online traffic was attracted through video content and that number will continue to increase in 2016. By using videos, you will have the opportunity to reach more people, if not, you’re missing that chance.

  • Increased Ranking in Google Search

Using videos instead of the pure blocks of images and text for your site now is being encouraged more by Google. The proof is the website with video content has 53% more likely to rank on page 1, on Google search engine. The video content has been recommended to use by Google because the videos can bring better experience for visitors. In fact, when visitors go to your site and see the ample amount of text they have to read, they are more likely to leave.

In addition, the duration that visitors stay on site is also a factor to ranking on Google. The website which uses a concise written overview of your product, along with an explainer video will have a higher chance to retain visitors for longer durations. So, they are likely to have better rankings.

  • Helps Audience Retain Information

According to a study by Wharton Research Center, a normal person only retains 10% of the things they hear, while 50% of the things they see. It shows that using the visual content like video will help visitors easier to retain information and they are more likely to leave your site while having understood about the products that you are offering.

  • Affordable

Before, creating a professional video is quite expensive, this is a huge barrier with the small and medium companies. But today, the technologies help creating videos easier than ever. Now you can easy to create a product video by recording with your mobile phone camera, editing and uploading/sharing on internet or the online video sharing website like Youtube. The cost is very affordable or even free.


The competition in business is increasingly fierce; you need to catch the trends quickly if don’t want to be a loser. The video content has become absolute mainstream right now, they has moved beyond a “nice to have” and is quickly becoming a “must have”. So, why you don’t start to use video content for your site right today?

I have a special thing for Magento’s users, if you are having difficulty in integrating the videos into your site. The Magento Product Video Extension will be a great solution for you. With this extension, you can add videos on your product page easily. It allows to uploading video from your computer or also embedding the videos from online source like Youtube, Dailymotion, etc…  You can see more info at the link below:


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