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Avoid The Pop-Up Issue on Magento Website

The e-commerce site was built to welcome a lot of customers, and of course there are many types of customers. There is a truth that is very hard to satisfy everyone, some people prefer to do things one way while others like it the other way around. However, as a seller, you need to adapt the demands of the customers as much as possible. Fortunately, there are some issues that almost consumers hate, and main issue that I want to mention in this article is the pop-up issue.



If you’re working in ecommerce, I’m pretty sure that you know the advantages of collecting customer emails, by capturing email of your visitors; you will have a greater chance to selling product to them. As an ecommerce site owner, you will like to throw a pop-up in your customer’s face and ask for their email. You do that for a good reason. But, imagine if you are customer, sometimes you will feel uncomfortable and really hate the pops up. Of course, and your customers hate theme too.


Using pop-up is a very good way to collecting emails and maybe it is the most effective way that you tried to do. The newsletter subscription box in your footer seems to have no effect since 1998, nobody touched that.

However, your customers have a reason to hate it. Because you have interrupted them, maybe they just landed on your site and they can not see anything cause by you offering them a pop-up and asking them for their emails. You probably were preventing them to see what they came to see. With mobile users, it becomes worse experience.

So, if you use pop-up, make sure that you also provide an “X” sign in the top right corner of the pops up which is where your visitor expects it.


There are 2 suggestion ways for you:

# Using the cookie

You can use the cookie and move the pop-up from the first page-view to 3rd or further. By this way, customers will not receive pop-up right in the first moment they landed on your site and allows them to see what they want before decide to give you their emails.

It will help you to get better conversion rate of that pop-up, lower bounce rate and make customers feel more comfortable.

But, in another side, it also decrease the total amount of new newsletter subcribers from that pop-up, because the pop-up will not display if they don’t go to the 3rd page-view.

# Using the JavaScript

The idea of this method is you can use the javaScript to trigger the pop-up. For example, the pop-up will give a special discount for someone when they tried to leave during the checkout process. There are several SaaS services such as open source Ouibounce solution that offer these bounce intent detecting pop-up triggers, we can modify to fit our needs. An added benefit is that it’s free.

But the problem that these bounce intent popup triggers cannot detect mobile browsers bounce intent. It would be a great omission because in some industry and region, the mobile users now make up 50-95% of all our clients.

So, the combination of the first and the second approach would probably be best for most eCommerce websites out there.

Source @inchoo.net

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