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Benefits when joining Magento theme club on Cmsmart

Magento theme club

We build Magento Theme Club on valued-based strategy because we do not want to focus too much on providing the lowest price, we want to sell higher-quality products at very REASONABLE PRICE. We want to make this Magento Theme club to be a common house, huge community coming with various advantages especially for developers who run multiple sites. Here are the list of all benefits you can achieve if you are a member of club:

  • Downloading all Magento themes:

    Before creating any themes, we always do a survey and analyze all data collected carefully. Then, each Magento theme, we all carefully in-house design specializes in spectacular shopping style and specific online business, we want to be sure that our products can adapt properly to customers’ current business.

  • Downloading all Magento extensions:

    We can be proud to announce that besides us, there is no any Magento Club for Magento extensions out there.

  • Downloading all product update:

    One of the most important benefits of joining the Magento theme club is we update products frequently and you have full right to download all update versions of our Magento products. It is like you buy one and get more than one.

  • Our business’s core target is Outstanding Support System:

    We offer you the best support environment with the forum, Private ticket support, consultants, video, documents, etc.

  • Powerful features:

    Cmsmart club’s powerful theme and meta options along with its unique structure let you create any design style with just one theme.

  • UI design:

    The color of the theme can be changed easily just by a few clicks with admin options. That’s is so great and convenient for shop owners who are not master in web development or who do not work frequently with code.

  • Plenty of Advanced improvements:

    Over 10,000 domains have been being installed by-products from our Magento Theme Club. You do not have to worry about those Magento products because they all passed carefully testing processes and improvements to ensure the stable, fast, bug-free and up-to-dates technologies on the market.

Until now, there are over 23 Magento themes and over 29 Magento extensions available on our Magento Theme Club, and we are sure that it will not stop at this number. We will add new themes and extensions as well as improve continuously. We desire to build this Magento Club to become a really massive community, the community house for any Magento lover. 70% of members of the Magento theme club are developers or web design agencies and the Best value package is usually their choice. However, if you are the shop owner, the Standard package is also the solution that you should consider because you can choose and try a lot of themes or extensions as many as possible to improve your shop performance. Overall, whatever packages you choose, Magento Theme Club still offers you the best solution for every model of business.

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