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The best CMS platforms for digital marketing team in 2018

The best CMS platforms for digital marketing team in 2018

Finding a CMS platform is so easy because there are a lot of platforms available on the market. However, choosing a suitable one for your business is not a piece of cake. Although many popular CMS share a lot of similarities in terms of functionality and design, it will have strengths and weaknesses for different targets of the business. The platform you choose should best suit your organizational goals. You can identify by check some following criteria:

1. Ease of use

The information technology knowledge of visitors and users of your site will not be the same. You want it to be easy to use and require minimal training for your staff. If more than half of the users find it difficult to use the basic functions within your CMS, it seems that problems are coming with you.

Most CMS platforms available on the market have free versions, or offer demos so you can get a feel for them before committing. The free version might not come with full functionality but it still can give you an overview of that platform.

2. Scalability

Every business desires to grow so never choose the platform based only on your current needs. Plan for the future. Your CMS needs to be able to handle the volume of traffic, content, and integrations that you need to effectively market your company online.

3. Customization

To be successful, you should never do what your competitors do, let’s be unique, even with your website. Therefore, the CMS platform chosen needs to come with incredible customization. The open-source solution would be the best because your tech teams to be able to go in and tweak things to get the exact feature-set that you are looking for.

4. Marketing features

Based on your business’s marketing strategy, you should draw the required marketing features on hand. With this consideration, we will give you some suggestion for the best CMS platforms for the digital marketing team in 2018:


10,000 websites and 5 percent of the internet as a whole are built on WordPress, that’s the most outstanding evident for why WordPress is considered as the most popular CMS currently on the market. Although there are some legitimate complaints about the WordPress platform becoming too bloated with features, it is still preferred due to the ease of use and 50,000 plugins available. The huge amount of plugins will provide you diversified choices for your marketing strategy.


Magento is actually powerful in customized e-commerce experiences. It grew out of the need for more robust security in the CMS space. Since it’s both powerful and easy to use, it is appropriate for marketing organizations and the clients they serve. You can see eBay as the most typical example of a company that is leveraging Magento. Marketing promotion features, customer service tools, and detailed reporting are all built-in.


It is also a free and open-source CMS, it is not too surprising if Joomla is easily mistaken for WordPress. It comes with templates, feature extensions, and a vibrant development community. One thing that sets Joomla apart is its high-level security features, which ship out of the box instead of as plugins.

Joomla is easy to use and can be leveraged to create a completely customized social network experience that integrates seamlessly into existing platforms.

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