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What can we learn from the evolution of home page design?

What can we learn from the evolution of home page design

Technological advances, as well as rapidly changing trends, bring us to the new era of web design. This evolution gives us more chances to develop the business. But also requires us to improve ourselves in terms of functionality, content strategy, and the overall user experience. If you make the comparison between modern homepage designs and those in the past, you will find clearly the differences. Here is the list of things you should consider

1. The strategy is still the key

When digital marketing becomes more and more popular, the determinant for design choice, content decisions, and others will be definitely a strategy. Therefore, let’s draw a very detailed strategy in terms of how your homepage will look like and what message you want to convey to your audiences, which will be really helpful in determining the direction for your development.

2. Content can build or destroy your website

Simplicity seems to become the norm for any developers and designers, which will direct audiences’ attention to a focused message rather than cramming information on the homepage. The homepage is the place where you show the most important content and guide the user to the action you want them to take, it’s not placed for you to scam all content with content sliders. So the requirement is highlighting the main call to action, all content that might distract audiences should be eliminated.

3. Mobile can’t be ignored

The sharp increase of mobile users might be the biggest motivation for the great leap forward of how the web is designed during recent years. By finding the best practices adapting to accommodate the variety of existing devices. Customers always come to the websites that are functional on mobile and they even consider it as the standard. Therefore, nowadays, we can see a lot of homepage design trends have adapted accordingly. They all favor simpler designs adjusting more easily to smaller screen sizes. Mobile design should be compulsory any website projects or online strategies.

4. Web navigation requires planning

Web navigation is not the road that you just go for several days, it is a long-term way. Today, the popular choice is minimal navigation, with large websites or online stores contain a long menu, they usually use the mega menu as the way to optimize web navigation.

It can be said that creating effective navigation requires strategically mapping out site architecture and consider the number of items will be put into navigation. Your audiences will not be overwhelmed with where to go.

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5. Videos will support content

As the whole, a website coming with content, graphics, and videos will look more modern than the one just has content. If you visit the websites that were built for a long time ago, you can see small or low-quality images. Nowadays, thanks to the development of high-technology, using graphics and add videos to the site become much easier than ever. Shopping online means customers cannot touch and feel your products in reality so let’s offer them the feeling as real as possible. Moreover, videos are the combination of all advantages from the text, sound, and image, much more powerful and the giant Google loves it as well.

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