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The Ecommerce Problem Caused Poor Conversions


How to reduce cart abandonment and increase conversions?

This is a common question of every online retailer that has repeated again and again. We all know that there are many impacts that can affect your business, both good and bad. If you want to get the best results, you need to improve your website’s strength to make it better and also remove/solve the weakness of your site. So, in this article, we will talk about the eCommerce problem of your online store which brings bad impacts to your business. There are 7 problems that I will mention below:

eCommerce Problem 1: Shoppers is just browsing

  • 57% were not ready to purchase but wanted to estimate the shipping costs.
  • 56% were not ready to purchase but wanted to save the cart for later.
  • Shoppers who add items to the cart are more likely to make a purchase than those who do not.


  • Send follow-up emails that make it easy to access the saved cart again later, increase sales by sending the abandonment cart emails.
  • Provide a cart life that’s long enough for the shopper to think about the purchase and consider using a shopping cart wishlist.

eCommerce Problem 2: Shoppers don’t trust the site

  • Only 65% of brands display security information within the checkout process.


  • Clearly display security logos on checkout pages
  • Provide customer testimonials
  • Display a satisfaction guarantee
  • Make it easy to find contact info for customer service

eCommerce Problem 3: Checkout process is too complicated

  • The average online checkout process includes 5.6 pages


  • Only ask for essential information
  • Minimize the amount of information on anyone page
  • Require as few pages as possible to complete the checkout process.
  • Research and build a perfect checkout process for your store which can help consumers to use with ease.

eCommerce Problem 4: Creating an account to checkout is too complicated

  • 40% of shoppers are hesitant to create an account because they expect to receive spam even if they don’t opt-in for emails.


eCommerce Problem 5: Shipping times are too long or unclear

  • 24% of shoppers who abandoned due to delivery times did so because a clear delivery estimate was not provided.
  • Shipping speed most often selected by consumers: Next day 5%, 2-3 days 14%, 4-5 days 29%, 6-7 days 29%, 8+ days 23%


eCommerce Problem 6: Shipping is expensive

  • 39% of customers would make more online purchases if shipping was free
  • 55% of shopping cart abandonment occurs due to the cost of shipping


  • Free shipping
  • Flat shipping rates
  • Conditional free shipping for orders of a certain size
  • Upfront shipping policies with rates shown on the website and in the cart.

eCommerce Problem 7: Returns are complicated and expensive

  • 42% of shoppers want to improve the ease of returns
  • 33% want stores to have clearer return policies
  • 89% of shoppers indicated they “always” or “sometimes” check return policies before buying


  • Clearly state return policies on the site
  • Link to return policies from the shopping cart

Source: conversionvoodoo.com

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