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Why ecommerce website should offer Guest Checkout?


Firstly, we are going to find out what are the benefits of guest checkout for customers and for online retailers. Do you think that eCommerce stores should have guest checkout? In my opinion, as a customer, I love that.

Imagine that you’re in a rush, you want to buy a product in an online store, you just want to buy it quickly as possible but store owners forced you to create an account and filling many forms, what should you do now? If it was me, I will leave that store and go to another store where I can buy a product without sign-up. So, guest checkout is very convenient in this case. It helps customers can buy an item quickly and save time. Customer experience is the most obvious benefit…

Guest checkout

If you are an online retailer, what do you think about guest checkout? Definitely that if customers do register their details, you will have the chance to collect their personal information such as emails, phone numbers,… for marketing purposes. However, in fact, forcing users to register an account before checkout is a quick way to lower your conversion rate.

Forcing users to register their details before they checkout is a quick way to lower your conversion rate. Once a customer is ready to buy, they don’t want to have to fill out pages and pages of personal details and create an account before they can make a purchase. Registering can be a major hassle, it may good for your business, but with customers, it’s still something that they see as an obstacle. So, guest checkout is a great option.

In order to give you some suggestions to use guest checkout effectively, here are some best practices of using guest checkout that you can learn and practice with your checkout process.

Best practice 

One page checkout

A long checkout process is not good at all; you should keep your checkout process as few pages as necessary. Today, one page check out is a method that many online stores are using. In fact, you can put all checkout forms like contact, billing address, delivery, and payment information… in on a single page. It will help to reduce the clutter in checkout and also makes checkout process easier. Here is an article that will show you how to create a perfect checkout process for an eCommerce site.

  • If you want to reduce your checkout process, the Magento one step checkout extension is the perfect choice for you. It helps you to create a powerful checkout process and it also helps your customers to complete their purchase in a single page. See more info and download at One Step Checkout.


Provide options at the start

If you want to insist on making customers sign-up at the start of your checkout process, you should also offer a guest checkout option on the same page. You also can show up a couple of benefits of registration under the respective option.

Payment details and delivery address are the informations that you can ask customers to fill out firstly, it will help to increase conversions. You should ask customers to register details after they complete their purchase and offers an option to log-in if they already have an account during their shopping journey.


 “Would you like to save your details for next time?”

At the end of the transaction, instead of using the word “register”, offer customers to save their details for next time. “Saving your details” implies conveniences which focus on customer experience; “Register” implies a future marketing spam attack.

For more convenience, you also can automatically fill in any details that the customer has already entered such as name, address, and email… and then customers just need to choose a password.


Same email address should work with multiple guest checkouts

According to ecommerce expert James Gurd, some websites like Schuh or White Company, their customers cannot use guest checkout if they have already created an account with same email. It means that guest checkout can only use one time with one email address. Some sites don’t configure guest checkout to work with email addresses from existing accounts, so a registered user always has to use the registered account.


Source: econsultancy.com

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