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Five product video trends will drive market in 2017

top product video marketing trends in 2017

1. Branded Video content

Instead of reading blog post and newspaper, people, nowadays, love watching product video more than boring text. If a business wants to connect their brand to the target customers, they should take advantage of this and produce content that builds brand awareness, shares their message.

A product video is always the ideal technique to boost your business machine by featuring your employees, providing quick tips for your audience, and even interviewing industry influencers. With video lovers, there is always a huge playground for them. Youtube for all and Snapchat caters specifically to mobile users. With Facebook, they even posted their own set of helpful tips for content creators and brands when they noted that video increased by 3.6 times.

2. Videos on Sales Pages and Homepages

In the ecommerce field, there is a lot of surveys done to prove the influence of product video on increasing conversion rate. Unlike images, a product video is more powerful because it contains all the strengths of not only images but also text and music.

Using product video can be considered as an ideal way to establish a relationship with your audience and build trust. In the future, if this momentum growth continues occurring to product video, it is expected to see video being used not only on sales and landing pages but also on homepages.

3. Livestreaming

Hand pressing Live Stream

Do you feel that this term is so familiar? You have seen its explosion in 2016 with Facebook Live and Periscope. You can use it to product sneak peeks, demonstrations, Q&A sessions, etc. In comparison to Facebook, the Periscope is still a young platform with a smaller user base, but smaller means you can grow your following much faster. The pride of Periscope is  350,000 hours of videos streamed on a daily basis, so impressive!

With the huge Facebook, it allows your target audience to get an exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse of your business. Facebook users love live streaming and spend three times more than for normal video. Therefore, it’s definitely a trend worth exploring and implementing.

4. Video in Email Marketing

People usually say that Money is in the list but how you can find money if your list is not good and low engagement? You can change and be the winner in the email marketing game with a secrete weapon called Product video.

Because product video is so good at communicating your message so it will really make sense in your email marketing.  A lot of business owners agree that their email open rates as well as click-through rates and the number of shares have increased significantly since they integrated video for email.

To ensure the success of product video in your email, you should remember creating a quality video no longer than 3 or 4 minutes.

5. Animated GIFS on Social Media

product video trend

Are you using Twitter? From the last check, do you notice that the predominant use of animated GIFS and short videos? That’s the way your stories will be told!

The aim for using might depend on the context of the shared message; however, the final purpose will still be conveying emotions, humor, latest trends, and progressive stories. Some brands have even accepted product video as part of their brand culture and use them on a regular basis to connect with their audience.

Thanks for watching my post. If you have any question, feel free to feedback here. I and colleagues are willing to support you. Goodluck!

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