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How to effectively improve usability of your Magento store?


Any merchants who want to take a piece of profit cake in trading all understand the power of information technology as well as the spread of the Internet. Most of them, at this time, own at least one online store as the way to maximize their sale revenues. However, not all of them can take advantages of online stores properly, that is undeniable fact. Low conversion rate is the most obvious proof online merchants can observe. They almost forgot a very crucial component of an ecommerce business: online store usability and cannot make purchasing process become simple and easy.

There are thousands reasons for customers to leave your websites, one typical example is too complicated navigation. It will waste a lot of time for customers to learn how to use your website while many other websites with same products are available for using. So that, don’t lose your competitive advantages due to these problems. To deal with troubles, you can find eCommerce usability guidelines online that can provide you the way to improve your store usability and get the lower abandonment rates.

Another common problem of almost websites is usability as mentioned above. A suggestion to find and resolve usability problems as well as reduce abandon rate is:

Auditing Usability of Store to Detect Possible Flaws

In short, Magento usability audit means a detailed analysis of store’s usability that has no support from automation software, it will help users to overcome obstacles and explore all potential of online stores.

Usability audit measures both quantitative and qualitative data. Numerical data is collected mostly by Google Analytics to answer WH questions (who, what, when) but not why and how. To fulfill why and how questions, you need to use usability testing tools and methods.

Overall, combining numerical data with qualitative data measurements is actually important to draw the whole picture about users’ needs, detect possible flaws and compile a usability audit report.

Implementing suggested changes

In case, too many issues exist, it is more feasible and effective if you create everything from scratch, incremental redesign strategy is usually highly appreciated to minimize risk, stimulate ROI and improve web stores continually.

Another recommendation is switching from carousel to alternate way of showcasing important information on the homepage. One fact we want to mention is several merchant decide to have designers copied the model from successful competitors. Is that good? It’s up to you.

A/B test – validating new design changes

A/b test, look quite simple but effective. When you hold enough data, conversion goals and design iterations can be set up. You should run an A/B or split test to find the most reasonable answer, going with the version A or version B. It is an experiment between different designs versions of the same page used to test potential improvements. The winner in the test will be applied without any hesitation.

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