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The importance and value of loyal customer to business


Our pace of life is faster and faster, as a result, the business world is constantly in flux, the changes in marketing methods, as well as strategies, occur every day. They will come and go even faster than you can think. In that continuous changing trend and in the effort to keep business profitability consistent, business owners have allocated more resource to customer retention or in other words, investing in building a huge amount of loyal customers. According to the result revealed by Baines and Company, a global business consulting firm, each 5% increase in customer retention will lead to 75% increase in the company’s profitability. However, it seems that not all business owners have the habit of paying attention to missing opportunities, they still focus on attracting new consumers more. So, in this article, we will give and analyze three main reasons why the loyal customer should be a top priority.

The biggest secret in getting retail right is no secret at all

To prove for this statement, let’s see the case study of  Simon Tooley, who responsible for launching Michael Kors in Canada. A few years ago, he decided to leave big retail world and launched his own store called Etiket, in the luxury skincare and fragrances segment. Despite working in so competitive market, he still found his own way and has experienced stellar growth. Simon said that what he achieved all based on the loyalty of his customers as well as a favorable relationship built day by day.

Money can’t buy you love

When e-commerce mushrooms, consumers have been empowered more. They are freedom to choose suppliers as well as the products they want. And among millions of choices, they will choose the one they trust, trust is important than anything. Trust is earned, not bought, they trust you means they love. Let’s build trust through embodying consistent attention to customer demands and expectations. You should show them your enthusiasm and knowledge of the products. The closes friends of customers, not just simply a provider.

Using suitable tools

There are a lot of questions about loyal customers. Such as: Who will be the most profitable, communicating them how many times per week. How you can personalize your interactions with them, etc. Not all business owners can find the proper answers to those questions. Because of lacking time, data and tools, they even do not have a professional marketing team to compete with others.

Let’s turn back to the case of Etiket, they had a plan to find and produce unique products, deliver world-class service and wonderful experience in-store and online. To get the right data, they use a reward program and then analyze them to get customer insights. Finally, they found that their monthly sale revenue increases by 70% in comparison to the previous months.

All in all, loyal customers are always worth more than you think. Loyal customers spend more money, more frequent for your product. And the time needs to keep less about 7 to 10 times than new ones. In other words, nurturing a loyal customer base makes good business sense. And should be an integral part of any retailer’s strategy.

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