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Incorporate Magento trends into your store to optimize return in 2017

ncorporate Magento trends into your store to optimize return

We have gone through the first quarter of 2017; it is fair to say that it will be promising as well as challenge year for any business owners globally. Economic experts predict that we will observe a 6% growth in global revenues it means that from the amount of $2.2 trillion at the end of 2016, it will increase up to $2.4 trillion by the end of 2017. So, how will 2017 be for both the eCommerce industry and Magento store owners in general? I am not too optimistic about the future but in the year dominated by e-commerce, I believe that the Magento platform will make a shift from selling cheap to providing a holistic shopping experience.

Some upcoming Magento trends I mention below will be the factor ensuring an excellent return for your investment:

1. The advent of Mobile Commerce

It is expected that by 2020, Mobile commerce will make up half of all eCommerce revenue. In 2017, we will observe Magento stores adopt the mobile-first approach by prioritizing mobile-friendly sites as much as possible with the support of responsive design. Some store owners also start to direct building shopping apps to cater to mobile customers.

2. Better Shopping Experience

It is not the time when customers are just attracted by the websites offering the lowest price, now, people focus more on great shopping experience, which is the important factor to boost loyalty and recurring sales. What will be a store offering a better shopping experience? It needs to satisfy 4 requirements: offering a smoother checkout process, personalized recommendations, multiple payment options, and excellent customer service.

Refer Magento optimize Shopping experience tool:

3. Chatbot Technology

Chatbot technology has just appeared for several recent years but I think that 2017 will actually be the year of Chatbot Technology, it will dominate the market. How does it affect the industry? It enables customers to interact with businesses from popular messaging applications like Facebook Messenger. In the very near future, we will see many Magento business owners use the technology to offer products and services while they’re chatting with their friends.

4. Real-time Shipping

Time is gold and no one wants to wait around for days just for their product being delivered. Magento allows business owners to provide super-fast, real-time shipping by offering the feature of same-day or one-day deliveries and customers can track conveniently through their smartphones or tablet devices.

All in all, to finishing the target of maximizing ROI in 2017, we highly recommend that you should get your online store entirely revamped by experts or choose the reputable e-commerce platform supplier, Cmsmart marketplace is the typical example. It is so important for your online business website to incorporate the latest technology and features. Don’t hesitate to make it look better than ever before, take advantages of responsive design to make your site mobile-friendly and optimize it to decrease load times and provide a great user experience to customers

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