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You know why people hate your online business website?


Whenever browsing the web, I am sure that customers will meet two kinds of a website: amazingly good and terribly bad user experience, which is totally normal because nothing is perfect. In this case, it will be the good news if that bad website belongs to your competitors; however, it will be a destructive factor for your business if that site belongs to you. That’s a nightmare. But don’t worry; we will bring sweet dreams to you by giving reasons why people hate your online business website in this article. Let’s start:

1. Slow Loading Time


This is the problem that has always been referred to but not all web owners try to solve it thoroughly. Therefore, it leads to the fact that a lot of web users complain that the time they need to wait for a page load seems to be forever. Even the most patient person can’t stand. A recent study revealed that 47 % of consumers desire a web page with loading time less than 2 seconds, and if it exceeds 3 seconds, 40% of them will leave.

The reason for this behavior is slow loading time will harm the conversions and brand image. Even when they are surfing by slower cellular data, they still tend to blame for your site. Mobile service providers are always guiltless. So, we highly recommend you to use some powerful tools for your site such as Magento One step checkout or One-page checkout for Virtuemart because they are actually helping to improve the loading time of your sites.

2. Not Responsive


Regardless of web professionals, normal users are still preferring multi-device environment for internet access. Do you still wonder? We are glad to show that 60% of internet access is on mobile devices only. Visitors will feel actually annoyed if they have to scroll from side to side to read just a page on your site, so dizzy! Everyone hates zooming again and again just because the words and buttons are too small to read. In general, it is so important to design responsive websites to protect UX and enable the users to experience awesome web browsing regardless of the devices they are using.

You can refer to some responsive solution here for your site.

One of the most responsive themes which I recommend to use: Udetor – LMS Education WordPress Theme,  Printshop – Responsive HTML Printing Template, Magento Responsive Luxury Theme, …

3. Too Many Pop-ups


If your online business website is built to challenge the patience and eyesight of visitors, let’s put pop-ups as much as possible. If not, we want to say that pop-ups are a big annoyance to any web user. However, it does not mean that the Pop-up is harmful. You still can use it if you want but keep in mind that try to use them in a limit so that you are not constantly throwing content that proves a burden on them. We suggest that you should track the number of clicks on Pop-up to summarize how many submissions it has resulted in. If that number is not significant, you can consider to edit or even remove it to refine your user experience. You can approach your potential customers politely with small banners automatically sliding from side or bottom of the page, that’s quite ok.

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