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Where you can find the informations about Magento and Ecommerce. Hope that will it helpful with you.

Benefits when joining Magento theme club on Cmsmart

Magento theme club

We build Magento Theme Club on valued-based strategy because we do not want to focus too much on providing the lowest price, we want to sell higher-quality products at very REASONABLE PRICE. We want to make this Magento Theme club to be a common house, huge community coming with various …

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5 features make Magento become perfect solution for B2B Business

  B2B is totally different from B2C selling, that is the evident truth. B2B selling will inform customers better as well as has higher expectations from business owners. If you want to run a B2B selling for this promising 2017, it is so important to have a strong foundation in …

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New breath of fresh air for Ecommerce web solution

When time passes, technology cannot just stand still a place, you change or you will die! Web developers all over the world aware of the importance of Magento in the e-commerce industry because it is the most popular platform among many others. So, the newest methods introduced in Magento development …

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Optimizing Ecommerce store by Magento extensions and templates

There is no doubt that Magento is the king or at least it is always on the top of the most popular and robust eCommerce platform. It seems to be an indispensable part of plenty of online stores. Since the eCommerce industry has explored, the competition has been still, even …

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Evaluate Magento and Woocommerce

In recent years, in the market, there are two most popular e-commerce platforms: Magento and Woocommerce.  Each of them has its own strengths and suitability for different demands. Magento is a standalone product but now owned by eBay and Woocommerce is a plugin for WordPress and each of them has …

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Cart abandonment: common problem but should never ignore

One mistake that a lot of business owners usually make is focusing too much on attracting visitors to their sites but almost ignoring the process of converting visitors into customers. And then, when they check the sale volume, they feel frustrated, sale revenue does not increase due to the troubles …

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Why ecommerce website should offer Guest Checkout?


Firstly, we are going to find out what are the benefits of guest checkout for customers and for online retailers. Do you think that eCommerce stores should have guest checkout? In my opinion, as a customer, I love that. Imagine that you’re in a rush, you want to buy a …

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Why video deserves to have a place in your marketing budget in 2016?


Video marketing has changed the way businesses do marketing. The animated and online videos are increasingly being used more and this is a novel way to delight and educate customers. Using online video can help you attract the attention of people and increased interaction with users, makes people talking about …

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The strength and the weakness of Magento


Magento is a web platform that was developed especially for ecommerce website. In fact, Magento has accounted for 12.5% market share of ecommerce platform and in the list of the most popular ecommerce platforms in the world, Magento now standing in the second place. No doubt to say that Magento …

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