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Magento Extension Shipping Cost Calculator


Magento Shipping Cost Calculator is a module that enables clients to pre-calculate and pre-know the shipping cost for a specific order or a group of different items at one click. No more manual calculating the shipping fee is needed.

The extension uses the Ajax technology to calculate the shipping rate and cost for clients. Functional button named “Calculate Shipping” direct clients to a form or a pop-up right on the current page that they must fill some mandatory information (address, state, province, city…). Even it reduces steps for customers by applying the function of auto-detecting location. Hereby, they don’t need to fill that information manually. Calculate the shipping cost with short time loading makes your website be preferred than before.

  • Calculate the shipping cost based on AJAX dynamically

    With the Calculate Shipping Cost extension, shop owners can use any shipping method and calculate the shipping cost for every product. Inform your visitors how much they should pay for the product’s shipping service, so they can decide whether the price suits them before making a purchase.

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