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Magento Extension Mega Menu

Magento Mega Menu Extension allows both user and administrator to manage and display all kinds of information flexibly optimizing your website navigation performance.

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If you are seeking a way to improve usability and navigation on your online stores, Magento Mega Menu with new version is exactly what you are looking for. With old version, this extension helps you organize products and categories in an excellent way, and new version you can get more than that. Displaying in horizontal, vertical or both of them can make your online not only beautiful but also easy to use.

And one more thing in this new version, extension is fully responsive on all devices that customers can view shop any where any time.

We would like to show you both benefit for Shop owner and their customers as below:

Top menu is considered as key navigation on your website therefore shop owner can increase profits by changing the site menu. Because of maximum volume of information needed, your potential clients can see what they want with only click. Instead of spending much time and effort in coding and designing the menu manually, now there is a huge number of menu templates available for you to select.You can make your own style.

The default Magento menu system is basic and it lacks of advanced functions, that’s why we initiate Mega Menu Magento extension which can help you simplify menu system management on your Magento website.

With this Magento Menu Extension, you can display your categories and sub-categories in a multi-column drop down menu, show all products list by hovering over menu items make your customer find it very simple. Special, creating and editing menu items and menu bar with a lot of features seems never easier.

Users can see all items of your cataloge products immediately and all information is available at the first sight. Save your huge time on shopping because users can find the informa tion as soon as possible.

Both of shop owner and users who don’t need to be become developer, still manage effort lessly all information which they want to display on mega menu.


Flexible Menu Layouts

With new version of Mega Menu, you can view your menu with 3 options: Horizontal, Vertical or Both of them. That is an amazing function.

Horizontal Magento navigation menu

Mega Menu Magento extension has an attractive horizontal menu to organize your categories, sub-categories and products easily. It show all categories and you can choose any category you like.

Vertical Magento navigation menu

This is a new function on this product, all name categories are hided in main Menu that make your site neat and clean.

Both Horizontal and Vertical Menu

There are both kinds of menu display on menu that addapt customer favorites

Clear Mega menu Structure

4 statistic blogs on menu is not only showing images but also arrange information clear and neat

Optimize options with menu

Admin can arrange anything on menu with just few clicks and choose what they want to display.


Customer can view it on all devices as desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phones without any problem on presentation.

Menu Customizations

You can show your statis blog or category/sub- categories on menu as you wish

Product on menu

Your customers can view special as hot, new or featured product

Custom block

You can select where a block is placed. It can be on top, left, right or bottom.you also can set block width on right or left side. Then option to hide or show blocks

Category labels

Easy for you to create a label of each category.

Config mega menu from admin panel

You can set Menu types or show (not show) home link only appy for horizontal menu

Icon on Category

You can add icon on category to make your category clear

Benefit of sub category

You can narrow product search on sub categories, do not to use search tool


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