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Magento multi vendor module with powerful add-ons: Product video and store locator

Magento multi vendor module

In several previous posts, we had analyzed the features, as well as benefits Magento multi-vendor module brings to both users and customers, come to the marketplace. With the effort of continuously perfecting the product, the Netbase team has integrated 2 powerful add-ons that are product video and seller store locator in this Magento 2 extension, the detail is the list in this article, I hope you find it useful.

Magento 2 product video extension

Magento 2 product video extension

Offering awesome products and services on a reputation marketplace, which sounds so great. However, we are in the online world, how can you bring customers the real feeling about your products? Let’s take advantage of videos. So, Magento 2  product video is so crucial to Magento multi-vendor module. Let’s take a look at the features of this add-on:

* Uploading videos for each product:

We provide the ADD VIDEO button below each product so whenever sellers want to add video, they just need to choose the product and click that button. When customers come to the product detail page they will be able to watch the uploaded videos.

* Supporting URL link:

Magento 2 product video allows you to upload videos from other channels like Dailymotion, Youtube, Vimeo, etc.

* Updating automatically Video information:

If you add product video by link, after adding that link, all information related to video in terms of URL, Title, Description will be updated automatically, you also can edit if you want.

* Previewing videos:

This function will help you eliminate all the mistakes that might occur before uploading. After entering the link, you will see the PREVIEW VIDEO button on the right-hand-side of ADD NEW VIDEO, it allows you to check some video information such as title, uploaded time, uploader and duration again. If you want to watch the video, click the play icon.

* Allowing to upload preview image:

Preview image or video thumbnail, when you upload video, the thumbnail will be automatically displayed and if you do not like that image, you can upload your own image.


Magento 2 Store locator extension

Magento 2 store locator extension

After choosing a product from a seller on Magento multi-vendor store, some customers find it quite difficult to recognize their address. This is the reason why we integrate this Magento 2 store locator add-on to Magento multi-vendor module. Here is the list of features for you to refer:

* Show Link “Seller Store Locator” On The Footer:

After you install this extension successfully, you will see the link “Store Locator” link on the footer. Therefore, your customers can easily go to the “Store Locator” page.

* Allowing sellers to add unlimited Store Locator:

Sellers can add store locator as they want and then set the main one.

* Showing the full list of sellers:

Your customers can see all sellers store location on the map presented by the manufacturer icon or in the left sidebar with all necessary information related to the seller’s location.

* Showing seller store information:

Customers click to seller store name, come to their stores and then all information including all products, new products, best sellers, contact & event is displayed.

* Google Map Suggest Address:

Visitors just need to enter a few characters in the Address field and all relevant suggestions will be auto-dropdown as a list for choosing. So convenient!

* 2 Ways To Search Seller Store Locator:

Search by distance by filling a position and drag the radius you want and search by area by filling in the store name and zip code.

* Seller Store Locators Management:

This add-on of the Magento multi-vendor module allows admin to manage in the back-end like add, edit, delete and change status.

* Automatically Address Fill Form:

To save time, this add-on allows the address to be filled automatically. Admin just needs to fill in box search and click this address on Map Then and choose the ” Apply To Form” button, done!

* Get Direction:

Your customers can get the direction to any store from their position by entering other store locations and modes of travel such as driving, walking, bicycling, traveling, etc. They will get the shortest directions on the map.


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