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Magento Online Product Designer Extension for Online Printing

Have you ever design a product online through a website and buy it?

The development of technology helps us so much to improve the shopping experience. Before, we can only choose and buy the product that was designed by providers. But today, there are many websites have feature allows customers to design their own product, it really helpful for online stores who sell personalized products as well as online printing providers.

If you want to build an online designer system for your Magento website, Magento Online Product Designer Extension will help you to save a lot of time and money. Instead of investing a lot of money to hire a professional developer to create the system, now you can integrate an online product designer into your site in just 5 minutes.


Now, in order to understand why this Magento online product designer tool can help you a lot, we are going to discover the most impressive features of this extension in the part below.



  • The powerful online designer tool allows customers can create their own products with many functions. Such as zoom, move the item, flip, align, preview and etc…
  • With this tool, you can choose and edit the size – the color of each regional design.
  • Having a clear and friendly interface, allows customers to use this online designer system with ease; they just need a few minutes to get used to it.


  • Customers can add texts into their product design easily with one click. This tool also allows them to edit text with many options like change color, font, style, resize, rotate, etc…
  • There are 20+ fonts which included standard options. So if you want to use your own fonts, you can upload it from your computer and use it.


  • This online designer tool provides a library of clipart that customers can choose to use for their design. Admin also can upload clipart into the library and setup price.
  • Customers can add & edit clipart with the tool, same as text, they can add clipart and change the size, move, flip, align… visually on product design.
  • If customers want to print their pictures on the product, they can use the upload function to upload picture from their computer with format JPG, PNG, GIF…


  • When customers are designing their product but they want to save and continue to design later, they can use the save function.
  • Each design will be automatically saved into the customer account after they completed the order. So, they can review their design anytime. Besides, they also can share their product design with their friends or other people through social media.
  • Store owners can manage all the designs of customers in the admin panel. It brings a chance to discover and analyze the favorite of consumers or predicting the new trends.


  • This Magento online designer extension allows creating & designing many types of products such as T-shirt, pillow, phone cases and many more…
  • Store owners can set the color for any product in the admin panel.
  • Store owners can create the example design and use it as the product design templates, so the customer can quickly create new designs by modifying the text, color, clipart, etc…
  • The translation system helps store owners to translate the site and provides a better experience for worldwide customers.


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