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Migrating To Magento Commerce 2 Drives Revenue Growth

migrating to Magento Commerce 2

Adobe will end support for Magento Commerce 1 in June 2020. If you run a Magento Commerce 1 business, you need to start thinking about your migration today. This article will tell you why migrating to Magento Commerce 2 drives Revenue Growth

The key findings show there are clear benefits to migrating to Magento Commerce 2.

The benefits of migrating to Magento Commerce 2 include the ability to drive revenue growth. It increases average order value and improves website conversion rates, and increase site traffic.

Indeed, Magento web owners have migrated to Magento 2 already experience a cost savings of 62% when deploying new content. Such as landing pages, new product launches, etc. Magento’s intuitive user experience design makes it easier for marketers and merchandisers. They can create and manage content, freeing technical resources to focus on higher value needs and more tailored content. This will be augmented with PageBuilder functionality in version 2.3.

Effective of Magento Commerce 2’s extension marketplace to customers

According to a study from Versus.com, they building out comparable functionality on their prior platform. Respondents saved an average of 91% when purchasing and implementing an average Magento Commerce 2 extension. For example, on a competitive solution, it would cost $11,000 to replicate the functionality of a Magento Commerce 2 extension that only costs $1,000.

There are also built-in “premier” extensions that significantly cut down the time and money spent to implement key capabilities such as marketing automation, shipping & logistics, payment and fraud protection, and more.

Other benefits of migrating to Magento Commerce 2

Based on respondents that recently converted to Magento Commerce 2 from a competing solution, their reasoning for choosing Magento was based on how it can be customized to meet their specific needs. Users say that they benefitted from Magento Commerce 2’s easy-to-use content development functionality, multi-site capabilities, native B2B functionality, and comprehensive security standards.

If you are considering a migration from Magento 1, the study indicated that you should focus on selecting an experienced implementation partner. You can find the Netbase Team. This team is one of the top software outsourcing companies. They focus on total e-Commerce solutions and consulting for all e-commerce businesses to sell products and services on the Internet. This is an experienced implementation partner with Magento Commerce 2, special is Magento Marketplace Theme.

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