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Optimizing Ecommerce store by Magento extensions and templates

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There is no doubt that Magento is the king or at least it is always on the top of the most popular and robust eCommerce platform. It seems to be an indispensable part of plenty of online stores. Since the eCommerce industry has explored, the competition has been still, even fiercer than before. Owning a Magento store could be considered as an advantage in comparison to your rival but, you still need to optimize the Magento Development process to improve the experience on your site as well as other factors that can boost your sales. One question raised is how to deal with that task? The answer is in this article, we will list the best way to empower your online stores with Magento extensions and templates.

Customizing Shopping Cart experience


It is so necessary to customize the shopping cart process for a more industry-relevant checkout process. You are operating a big company or a small store, you still should analyze and discuss carefully the checkout process to make them be more simplified and minimize shopping time for customers. Never forget mobile and tablet-friendly because they contribute considerably to your sale

See the product: Magento Ajax Cart pro

Simple Sign-up Process

Besides improving the shopping cart experience, the sign-up process is also the aspect that you should never ignore. If it is too complicated and cumbersome, it is not strange that customers will leave your site immediately. Just by some actions such as customizing Magento store’s default signup process with only simple email and password required. We highly recommend you to apply Magento One step checkout extension for visitors to enjoy the fastest and convenient checkout process.

You also can refer other Magento extensions: SAML Single Sign-On Magento Extension – Sixto Martin

Improving SEO


There are a lot of SEO friendly Magento extensions and themes on the market, you can choose among them. But keep in mind to inspect and examine the XML sitemap. You can use the default XML sitemap of Magento under Admin Panel –> System -> Catalog -> Google Sitemap.

Don’t forget optimizing your meta tags and description by taking advantage of your writing content skills. Keywords should be accurate and meaningful and paying more attention to meta tags and header tags, your Page Rank on Google will be improved significantly.

Site Speed

After dealing with those things mentioned above, let’s spend time checking your site speed.  You choose among a lot of Magento extensions and templates to reduce loading time and improve the checkout process. If you are not master of information technology, you can hire Magento Development Company, they will have professional developers who will check your site speed, install appropriate plugins and the final task is hosting it on a secure and high speed dedicated server to maximize your site speed.

Duplicate Content Removal

Google doesn’t like the similar and if you want to be unique among the crowd, through duplicate content away. You can go to your Admin Back end, navigate to System < Configuration > Web and set No-index on all non-content pages to improve SEO factors and increase page rank.

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