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Remove Clutters to Improve Conversion Rates


In digital age, besides the traditional methods, both merchants and retailors can take advantages of online power to promote their trading volume. Their most effective technique is website. In general, websites can be considered as the channel that conveys the message of suppliers to potential customers. However, it is not always that message is understood properly, the misunderstanding may come from clutter. A survey from Burst Media even emphasizes the seriousness of clutter by the data revealing that about 30% respondents will immediately abandon the website if they realize clutter.

So, how can we know whether a website is cluttered or not? Let’s read the rest of article:

Checking for website clutter

There are several ways to identify but the most feasible and practical way is user testing because you can gain real responses not only in theory. They may refer “clutter” by some terms like “too busy” or other with the same meaning of hard to find information and too much stuff.

Despite of the effectiveness of this method, some appliers still find it quite expensive and time consuming. Other premium testing options are available but the price will high respectively.

In case you do not have very deep pockets, you can choose the Five Second Test, presenting a web page to tester for a total of five seconds. The final target is displaying the information in convenient way to remember. Both free options and the ability to create a pro account are available for any level of financial level.

Preventing clutter

Generally, most of websites can be considered as cluttered because they provide too much information just in a single page. Customers, who directly interact with that information, always want certain things will be highlighted. Although you classify information, too much things in one category still lead to clutter.

Joe Ardeeser offered a method of preventing cluttered that is requiring proper planning and a good review. His idea may be listed as follow:

  • Prioritizing features, you can design items differently
  • Removing unneeded items;
  • Creating wireframes as well as designs that are intentional.
  • Hiding deeper, less important items but have strong, clear navigation, so making these items become “discover-able”.

Reducing the clutter

Despite of which methods you want to apply for dealing with clutter, it had better prepare carefully a strategy to cleaning things up.

First of all, it is necessary to prioritize what is important and urgent. Everything doesn’t have to be crammed on to just only one page. Each page should be organized for one goal and include needed information to achieve that goal. After prioritizing process, it’s time for minimizing. Cut all unnecessary part. Remember: less is more.

After everything has been pruned properly, let’s run your tests once again. If the clutter still exists and annoys your websites, go back to square one. Take an honest look and think twice about the things destroying your site and you will remove them without hurting the goals of your sites.

Clutter, it is the criminal breaking your website’s traffic, your reputation and important metrics. Avoid clutter as far as possible.

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