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The simple things with big difference for your Magento store


Magento is an advanced ecommerce platform, it provides many features that allow you to use and customize. Sometimes you think that updating or changing the look and feel of your Magento website can be a difficult thing, but it’s not as complicated as you think. There are plenty of simple things that you can do but still bring a huge and positive impact to your store.

Here are some simple things that you can do with your Magento website but it can make a big difference for your store:

1/ Move out of the container

Normally, we always put the website contents in the traditional ‘container’. But now, consider pulling some items out of the container and filling it in full width, the full screen elements are very impressive. But the full width pages should be limited and used for special landing pages, like home page or an interesting landing page. Full width page will be better if using with simple parallax or fancy scroll effects.

2/ The minimalist header

With the big online stores where have many kinds of product, a header with a lot of information seems to be important. But for others, a simple header can be a good choice; it brings a sleek and minimalist look, which helps you to reinforce your brand identity. The minimalist header often designed with a centered logo and few important menu items like mini cart, account login, search bar, and of course your navigation. This eliminates unnecessary distraction of too many choices.

The minimalist headers are often displayed during scroll, and the full header will be displayed when users are at the top of the site. When user scrolling down, a smooth transition eliminates or rearranges some elements of the header. This is a simple but still impressive way to add interest to an element that appears on every page.

3/ Experiment with hover

Hover states are the simple way to remove the clutter of your grid view page. Instead of displaying the elements like quick view, add to cart, wish list, compare buttons… all the time and and create a mess in design. Consider using hover states to hide them and just make them appear when user hovers over a product that they are interested in.

4/ Add a video with HTML 5

HTML5 makes integrating video into your Magento site easier than ever. HTML5 videos are very useful to use as background elements or just to create an intuitive view with multiple angles of your products. The advantages of HTML5 videos make the online fashion store become more attractive.

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5/ Rebrand what’s built-in

Magento has many built-in features that can improve the shopping experience. If you are looking for a solution to rebrand and bring a breath of fresh air into your business, start with the simplest things. You could rename your Wishlist with a new name, new icon, and a new look in order to appeal to your particular customers. You could also rebrand your shopping cart, your compare list, your review section, and your newsletter.

6/ Make your blog more than a blog

Most companies have their own blogs, but almost of their blog mainly use for SEO purposes and they are fail to actually capture the attention of their shoppers. The ecommerce blog doesn’t need to be called ‘Blog’ and also doesn’t need to have same purpose as a traditional blog. But they should work for a purpose: reinforce brand voice and loyalty.

You need to create a blog that can attract the attention of customers. For instance, you can create the post about new Lookbook if you have a fashion store, you can post a DIY tutorial and instruction if you have a hardware stores. Re-branding a blog may take a lot of effort; however you can start with simple changes like change the interface, investing in quality article… It can make a huge difference.

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