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Some Use Hints to Build a Good Online Store


E-commerce is a global trend, and in the future it will dominate the business. The advent of e-commerce has removed concerns about the location, time and boundaries of geographical. The businesses just need to create an ecommerce website and then, they can start selling immediately. However, like any other business, the ecommerce businesses also need to have the right business strategy to be able to succeed. Humboldt Merchant Services has given a few hints to build a good online store.

#1 Advertising

There is no reason to say NO, but do it smart. Advertising is necessary for every business, but the important is you need to do it with cost effective and make sure that it can be measured. The advertising campaign can burns a ton of money in your advertise budget in just few minutes, so a good plan is necessary.

You should test every campaign on the different channels (Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc…) and use the analytical tools to assess the effectiveness. Analyze carefully to be able to find most effective advertising campaign.

#2 Offering sales or discounts

They are the great ways to improve sales. However, you should be careful with your sales campaign; there will be a few cases occur:

  • Everyone will wait for the next “big” sale from you, instead of taking advantage of current offers.
  • If you are always offering discounts on your products, consumers will start questioning the quality of those products and/or the credibility of your business.
  • Customers will begin to experience sale, or deal fatigue. It becomes white noise, and even the most loyal customer will tune them out.

Be smart with discounts and consider to use reasonable. The sales/discounts campaign can help your business in short run, but use it frequently in a long time is not a good idea.

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#3 Be the bouncer

Don’t get wrong, I’m not telling you to start throwing out unruly party goers. But, like the man on this side of the velvet rope, you need to be selective on products you let in. Controlled items/products and remember that always offer customers the best products or services which matched with their needs. You can’t sell for them the sun, stars or the moon if they don’t want that.

#4 Safety Shopping

There are some people still feel skeptical about safety when shopping online, they are afraid that they will encounter problems with their purchase and they’ll lost money. Offer a level of customer service, shows the guarantee and the credibility of your store to make them feel more secure and continue to shopping.

#5 Emails & Social Media

Management consultancy McKinsey & Company suggests, “Email remains a significantly more effective way to acquire customers than social media – nearly 40 times that of Facebook and Twitter combined.

So, you should offer your customers an option to subcribe all of your communications, both email and social profiles. It will help you realize who are familiar with your business and then you can start to build the relationship when you communicate with them.

#6 How responsive are you? 

This seems to be related to your website, not your customer service. As we all know, mobile commerce is an important part of ecommerce today; it means that you need to optimize your website for mobile users. So, the responsive website design is a perfect idea, it will help you create the good user experience for mobile users.

Moreover, Google changed their algorithm to rate businesses on how mobile friendly their websites are. Then your ranking in the search inquiry could be hurt…or non-existent if your site isn’t responsive. The website today will not really complete if it not support for mobile, as well as ecommerce website.

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