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The Ecommerce Mistakes That You Shoud Avoid

According to Statista, the U.S retail ecommerce sales will genenate over $490 billion in 2018 – an amazing number. It also shows us an extremely bright future of ecommerce business. But, if you want your business followed the rapid growth of e-commerce, you must stay up-to-date with the trends and kept away from ecommerce mistakes.

Here are some highlight numbers that can help you create a plan for future.


# Don’t insist customers create an account

The VWO survey also pointed out another common cause of cart abandonment; that is many people will drop their carts if they must to create new account in order to checkout. According to the VWO’s survey, there are 23% of consumers agree that they would abandon their shopping cart if they’re forced to register an account and they must enter a bunch of additional personal information in addition to their address and contact details.

It is quite easy to understand because many customers don’t want to spend more time than necessary to completing their purchase; they just want to buy the products, not to joining a club. If you do not want to lose almost a quarter of your potential customers caused by sign-up barrier, provide an option to checkout as guest on your checkout page or you can offer the

# Don’t surprise customers with shipping fees

The 2014 eCommerce Survey from Visual Website Optimizer (VWO) shows that there are 28% of shoppers will abandon their carts if they got the unexpected shipping costs at the end of checkout process. If shipping costs were clearly specified, the cart abandonment rate was reduced. This is one of the biggest issue along with the confused of navigation and security concerns.

The things that you learned here is always make the shipping fees as explicit as possible. Charge for shipping is completely reasonable, but the important that do not make it shady, then drives shoppers leave your store.

List the shipping fees directly on your home page or product page if you have fixed costs. Alternatively, if you calculate shipping for each individual order, display the costs clearly in the shopping cart and at the first step of checkout process – not the last. A great idea that you can add the “shipping costs calculator” right in your product details page with the extension like Magento price matrix or Magento shipping calculator, it helps you to display the shipping costs by the most clearly way.

# Don’t underestimate the influence of online reviews

The power of reviews/feedbacks was never weak. In fact, 55% of online shoppers said online reviews influence their purchase decisions. That’s right! Shoppers will more likely to buy a product if they see the top reviews from satisfied customers. The real reviews from real customers will help to improve the credibility many times over.

It is no coincidence that a huge ecommerce company like Amazon has decided to offer a free additional product if the customer logs a review on Amazon. You also can take the advantages of online reviews to your business by asking customers to upload their thoughts about your product or service directly on your site or on third-party spots, such as social networks. The possitive reviews can help your conversion rate soar.

However, it should be clarity, communication, and respect for the customer’s time if you want to build a foundation for a successful ecommerce business.

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