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Top 6 ecommerce platforms with examples (part 2)


In part 1, we introduced you to the first three popular e-commerce platforms including Magento, Prestashop, and OpenCart. In this part, we will continue the give you the rest of the list. Hope you find it useful and enjoyable!

4. ZenCart

As the four open-source mentioned above, ZenCart is also an easy and free one. It is PHP based and backed by the MySQL database. The special thing that most of the people prefer of ZenCart is in the unique options, features, and support, these features are not available in other open sources CMS. Industry experts including programmers, consultants, designers and now business owners also, have developed and strengthened the ZenCart system with several add-ons.

9 advantages:

  • – Allowing to bank on a cutting-edge combination of PHP and MySQL
  • – With license GPL 2, it means that users can modify freely follow their own business and application requirements.
  • – Easy to set up multiple customer modes and shipping options
  • – Supporting almost languages in the world
  • – Working with several payment gateways
  • – Enabling easy updation of product catalogs without relying on an HTML expert
  • – Offering a sophisticated template system
  • – Controlling inventory easily with special sales and discount offers
  • – The huge amount of design options

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5. osCommerce

It is an open-source released under the GNU General Public License. It is always the first choice of retailers all over the world due to some outstanding features such as quick set-up and a wide range of customization choices. As the ZenCart, it is also based on PHP and backed by expandable MySQL.

11 advantages:

  • –  Managing categories, manufacturers, customers, reviewing, adding or removing the product easily.
  • – Database backup and restore.
  • – Coming with custom functionalities  that allow to custom follow your site requirements
  • – Detailed static and dynamic banners
  • – Establishing communication with customers through emails and newsletters
  • – Option to print invoices and packaging lists
  • – Navigating easily
  • – Supporting for both downloadable and shippable products.
  • – Updating automatically currency exchange rates.
  • – Accessing only to authorized users.
  • – Exhibiting website on the homepage automatically

6. Virtuemart (Joomla)

In short, Virtuemart is one of the most popular open-source plugins for Joomla, it enables users to handle an unlimited amount of products and categories. With multi-lingual supported, users or in this case are shop owners can reach more potential clients regardless of the difference in language. Moreover, VirtueMart improves your site’s SERP results, this is a big factor to catch maximum eyeballs to your e-commerce site.

If you are a business owner who usually deals with a large amount of product, you should never ignore Virtuemart because it enables detailed product listing. You can add images, videos, use various colors and font sizes to create a snappy product page. VirtueMart plugin boasts about over 500 features, like inventory warnings, multiple payment and shipping options, SEO integrated reviews and many more.

10 advantages:

  • – selling virtual products (downloadable), like MP3s, videos, etc.
  • – placing products under multiple categories.
  • – Live credit card processing.
  • – Easy to configure/custom
  • – Complete order management
  • – Adding individual shopping address
  • – monitoring online shop performance.
  • – adding images and files to any products.
  • – Managing the stock level for products properly
  • – Supporting numerous payment gateways

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