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Top Magento 2 site search extensions on Cmsmart marketplace

site search extension for Magento 2 extensions

According to the most recent data collected, there are more than 125,000 businesses all over the world trust the Magento eCommerce platform to build their websites. Among those online stores, you can observe the appearance of famous brands such as Coca Cola, Ford, Olympus, etc. Magento global community of both partners and developers gives customers access to robust third-party extensions and certified professional integration help. With Magento 2 extensions, your customer can easily ask for and receive the product he or she wants to buy with the support from the site search module. According to the study of eConsultancy, the conversion rate of the site using the search module will be 1.8 times higher than the site average. In this article, I will help you cover some awesome Magento 2 site search extensions that will help you perfect your website:

1. Magento 2 Ajax search autocomplete module

Magento 2 ajax autocomplete

It can be said that this is the most basic functionality needed for a search box save for simply searching itself. Even with the giant like Google, Ajax search autocomplete is still taken advantage. Let’s take an example. When you search a phrase like “Cute baby p” there will be a list of suggested like Cute baby pics, Cute baby pictures, Cute baby photos, etc. That’s how this extension works. Additionally, you visit the site of  Nike, Australia site, if you type in the search box “Nike s” the suggestions will be Nike shirt, Nike shoes, Nike sandal, etc. This will help shop owners and consumers cut down on friction and avoid spelling errors. Just suggesting a letter and then all related results appear. You will find this Magento 2 site search extensions work well if your site provides products with long and hard to remember the name.

List of Features:

  • Automatically call out results when inputting some characters
  • Search by category through selecting categories
  • Showing full product information ( name, images, short description, prices, etc.) as well as the category it belongs to as in the keyword you search.
  • Ultimate responsive support
  • Time to request: fast or slow depends on what Admin input.
  • Displaying product review
  • Customizing highlight text, the width of the drop-down text, description and menu items.
  • Adding label for product and animations
  • Configuring mega menu from the Admin panel.


2. Magento 2 Layered Navigation extension

Magento 2 layered navigation extension

Layered navigation is a significant point you should never ignore when building a website, especially with a website that comes with various types of categories. Just imagine that if your site does not provide a proper search tool for customers to search the desired product with a particular color or a size, they will leave your site due to the inconvenience, your benefits are hurt. After all, you don’t want this, right?

Advanced Magento 2 Layered Navigation extension from the Netbase team will optimize the search and filter for multiple attributes and attributes values at a time. Here is the list of features:

  • Searching by product attributes
  • Ajax loading page allows all of the matching results to appear instantly after filtering the attributes
  • Filter Options include Check box and Dropdown.
  • Price sliders and other numeric filters
  • Set the number of filter result and Flexible remove filter options
  • Ultimate responsive design
  • Easy to install and configure


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