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Why do web owners still hesitate to migrate Magento 2 ?

Why do web owners still hesitate to migrate Magento 2

We are going to be so close to Magento “end-of-life” day, so more and more Magento web owners implement Magento 2 migration. The motivation for this change is Magento 2 offers more features that support modern website design and stable performance, faster website speed, and much better user experience. However, there are a considerable number of web owners who are still loyal to Magento 1. Why? I will show 5 most outstanding reasons:

1. They don’t want to change the current Magento version

Magento theme migration might be the first barrier because we all know that it’s impossible to migrate the theme from Magento 1 to 2 but we can create a new design from the scratch or build a new one based on the existing theme. Generally, small businesses will buy a new ready-made Magento theme because it will save time and money for them. It would take about one week for setting up and making some minor customization. However, web owners might cope with some risks such as customers were already familiar with the layout of the former website and feel less interested when it’s changed.

2. Face some obstacles when migrating Magento extensions

Because we cannot continue to use Magento 1 modules after moving them to Magento 2, we need to buy the new ones. That’s where problems start. If your current site has been using many external extensions, the amount of money you spend to acquire the new ones is considerable. And not all of them have Magento 2 version. One more difficult is it will take you a lot of time to install and configure all of the modules from the beginning as well as to solve conflicts among those extensions.

3. Afraid of losing data when migrating

Data migration is one of the most fundamental phases and a lot of things to migrate including sale orders, customer data, blog, CMS pages content, testimonials, product rating and reviews, URL rewrites, and many more. Transferring a huge amount of information is quite risky and losing customers data is like you lose your revenue. Therefore, a lot of Magento website owners say NO with Magento migrations.

4. Don’t have enough time to migrate

To complete the migrating process, it might take from one to three months depending on the complexity of your current site and your expectations for the new site. If you migrate each part by yourself, of course, it will take more time than hiring service from IT companies. With business owners who are always busy on sales, they cannot temporarily cease other work to put all time and effort into the upgrade.

5. Can’t afford the cost

Not all business owners are technology savvy or have enough IT knowledge to complete the migrating process by themselves. 80% of them will find support from migrating services. In the US, UK or Canada, it would be charged at least $15,000 for a simple Magento 2 migration project, not including the cost of buying new extensions and themes. Additionally, the average hourly cost is relatively high, from $60 to $150. How small businesses can afford? Fortunately, we can choose services from Asia companies, we can save a lot of money. In Vietnam, Thailand or India, they usually offer just $20-50 per working hour. Owing to that, your Magento 2 migration cost would be in the range of $2,000-10,000.

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